Laura Barrado Bio

Laura was born on April 19, 1977, in Madrid. From very early age she felt an intense attraction to fashion and music. His first job takes her to travel all over the world. To each place she arrives her greater obsession was pay visit to all the street markets and music stores in search of everything that catches her at tent ion and di scover something new or inspirational. From Sao Paulo, Cuba, Paris, London, New York, Mexico, Miami, Bali, Thailand, Mumbai,… a new song, a new color, a new experience.

2002, the beginning

At the age of 25 he decides to start realizing her vocation and creates ByLu. She lived between Europe and Asia during long seasons to design, choose the fabrics,the accessories, and compose every piece and detail by herself working directly in the workshops. ByLu is a young girl, full of color, light and result of a moment of testing, learning and life explosion.

Fresh and sexy products

Very feminine clothes, fresh and sexy. With ByLu, Laura hit the market in Spain and Europe reaching more than 500 points of sale in multi-brand shops. She attended to the fashion fairs in Paris, Madrid, London....

Growing with Pennylane

Growing with the market, Laura evolves into Pennylane, a much more elaborate brand in design and materials. It combines Italian fabrics, Chinese silks for daily models and special party wear targeting a dynamic, active and modern woman.

Laura has always been related to the world of the celebrities. She has developed models for the Miss World contest, her designs have been strolled through Television and hit series.

Ushuaïa Ibiza

During the last 5 years, she has been able to carry out a new brand, Ushuaïa, on the most iconic island in the world of music and fashion, Ibiza. Developing an extensive collection of Women, Men, Kids and accessories it has become a "must" for any visitor and tecno music fan. Sophistication, party and music.

Hard Rock®!

Since 2015, the opportunity has arisen to create something very exclusive, special and that includes all the experience and talent of Laura as a designer, in the service of a global brand like Hard Rock®, which shares with Laura the same spirit.

Laura Be & Hard Rock®

Laura Be is born as an exclusive Hi End brand in all Rock Shop around the world. All the passion, life, music and knowledge is successfully blended into the 3 collections of Laura Be for Hard Rock®.